Father's Dreams

Artist Notes:
My work during most of my career has delved into themes of fertility and becoming closer to life’s vital force. In 2010, the experience of near death challenges within my family, intersecting with the blissful expansion of finding true Love, fueled the emotional framework for this body of work. As a result, this collection presents the edge where life meets death, bliss meets loss, and joy meets sadness. I found, however, the edges blurred. I discovered light through the darkness.  I discovered how in letting go, I received prosperity beyond compare, and came to understand our human notion of death as really a higher level of life.

"Father's Dreams" debuted initially at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art in May 2012. Acknowledging the gallery space, I took a multimedia approach, combining photography, video, encaustic, LED lighting, and other mixed media elements. A long term, strange obsession with finding and dreaming of dead animals provided visual material to play out my creative wonderings. I indulged in creating a series of symbols and visual codes, releasing personal stories from my mind.