KUDOS from former students

"Heidi has a keen ability to get to the heart of the matter with her students.  With her thoughtful guidance I have watched other people really blossom and begin to trust their inner guide and artistic voice. It's been a joy to witness and to experience in my own artistic journey." –Liberty, Carpenteria, CA

"Heidi, I wanted to tell you thank you for your guidance this last week. I did find my voice and can't wait until I get back home to experiment!  Very excited!" –Mary Ann, Kent, WA

"I loved your workshop.  It was so informative and fun. You are such a great teacher. The hands on instructions and practice really put it all together for me. Thank you for opening your beautiful historic home to us with great company and fantastic food. What an amazing experience! I am looking forward to the next workshop."  -Maria, Lake Tahoe CA

"Thanks again Heidi for another fabulous weekend. I so appreciate that you continue to push me beyond my comfort zone and encourage me to dig deeper with my exploration of this amazing medium."  –Sue, Oakhurst, CA

"First, and foremost on my mind has been THANK YOU for the lovely days of creating at your workshop! You are a marvel- i hope you know that you are a marvel … I was so impressed to witness what you are able to call out of yourself and give with love and gracious, patient generosity --morning noon and night, day after day!.... amazing. And, you are a great cook! I loved your nourishing food, the relaxed pace, the chats at the table, the coffees and our fireside chat on my birthday when i know you must have been exhausted from teaching, but still found energy to spend time with me."  -Amy, Salt Key, Canada

"Thank you so much for your hospitality. The workshop was truly an artist retreat to nourish the creative soul! The time with you far exceeded my expectations. Not only did I learn about encaustic painting but I learned about herbs, cooking, organization, bees, good books, India and not to ever forget the feeling of the Kern river as it flows in two directions… all you have to do is swim to the other side! Like the flow of the wax! …So it is all about art & life well Fused, well balanced and in constant flux. Thank you for your encouragement and patience. Thank you for the inspiration and commitment to serving and teaching. You are not only a gifted artist but a beautiful wise wonderful soul!" -Regina, CA

"I ordered my remaining encaustic supplies today. I appreciate what fine knowledge that you shared with us Heidi and the opportunity to attend your workshop."  -Michelle McNeill, CA

"Thank you for such a great class!  I'm so glad I signed up!!"   -Gwynnie

"Your workshop exceeded my expectations but more importantly, meeting you was fantastic. Your teaching method is such an enjoyment - no pressure and very informative."
-Patti, Los Angeles, CA
"Thank you so very much for an electrifying couple of days. It was electrifying because I have rarely been so enthraled by a painting process. The collages I began to do last year were the beginning but this is like taking a giant step into my future. Your teaching methods are clear and highly inspirational. I couldn't have asked for more!"  -Ruth, Ojai, CA
"What a blast! This is just the medium for me! Heidi is extremely organized - the technique boards are lots of fun and some even became masterpieces. The handouts are extremely well organized and complete with prices and sources for all the supplies. Heidi is a terrific teacher, flexible and anticipating our every need. I highly recommend her workshop for anyone!"
"The workshop was great. Her preparation and completeness made the days fly by. I would like to participate in another.... Thank you for your good work and for introducing me to the WAX!"  -Jay, Boston, MA
"Your seminar was absolutely everything I hoped it would be and then some. I love that you hold nothing back while encouraging your students to do their own thing. Your openness that you can learn from your students is also quite admirable. Your focus on learning and not just creating masterpieces really lends a sense of security. I feel very confident with all the techniques, and the ability to move forward with complete freedom to express my own artistic voice. I look forward to sharing my successes with you at your advance seminar in the fall. You are an excellent, listener, communicator and educator. Thank you for sharing your talent."    -Rachael
"Heidi, you have inspired me with your love and enthusiasm for encaustic painting. Thank you for sharing something that is so dear to your heart." -Kay, Paso Robles, CA
“I am so excited about what we learned that now I wish I had stayed the whole week. That’s what credit cards are for, right?  You are truly a gifted teacher and you know I know after 10 years of teaching. You are organized, full of information and humor, and very encouraging.  You are also a gifted artist.” 
-Donna, Grass Valley, CA
"I love your work. After meeting you, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your…how do you say…realness. You were friendly and kind from the beginning, and you never changed regardless of the audience or circumstance. You are who you are. That’s pretty cool and that authenticity transcends into your work...You are connected to the world in a wonderful way and I’m honored to have been a part of it for a very limited time."
"I had more fun than in preschool and learned lots of tips and techniques you won't find anywhere!"
-Lulu, Paso Robles, CA