2016 Encaustic Workshops
RESIDENTIAL with heidi Beal

Join Heidi in a fun, inspiring, and supportive environment for her powerful encaustic workshops! Whether you are an experienced artist in painting, photography, textiles, or sculpture, or perhaps you've never taken an art class ever in your life...you’ve come to the right place! Come and learn about this exciting medium from an experienced, qualified, and generous teacher!

Questions? Not sure which workshops you should take? Give Heidi a call so you can chat about your goals, and choose the perfect workshop for you!.

all Heidi dirECTLY at 805-712-0612


“During my many years of teaching, I have come to understand the value of learning and networking that happens during an art workshop.  Lifelong friendships are built, amazing new perspectives on oneself are expanded, new goals are set, the professional bar of excellence is raised, and the context of oneself within their art community is better understood.  Although much can be had in the studio, often these rich experiences happen over lunch with your teacher, sharing a room with another student, or taking a meditative walk during a break. I also know that food and lodging costs can take their toll on investing in one’s art practice. These needs of my students have shaped my lifelong dream to provide a residential learning environment for my workshops.
My comprehensive encaustic workshops at my home studio in Bakersfield offer just this kind of experience!  In a relaxing and small community environment, students have the opportunity to take encaustic workshops with me while sharing meals, lodging, and extended studio time onsite.  My historic 1904 home will be yours for nurturing those creative juices, and the ole brick carriage house out back will be your studio. I look forward to having you on board!"        -Heidi F Beal


In Heidi Beal's encaustic workshops, you will experience articulate demos as well as a personal and professional approach to encaustic painting.  Her goal is for you to learn everything you need to know to begin your encaustic practice in your own studio.  You will be encouraged to experiment with a variety of techniques, creating sample panels as well as completed art to take home. 

All materials are included in your workshop fee. Also included is a detailed encaustic handbook which Heidi has written, containing technical info, thorough supplier and material lists, safety precautions, procedures, and a "sticker approach" to note taking which she developed. This handbook enables students to focus on painting and having fun, instead of taking notes.


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